Friday, July 10, 2015

Sirtuins - natural Anti-aging weapon II

Sirtuins - natural Anti-aging weapon  II

by Leslie Baumann, M.D.

Everyone in the skin care world is talking about sirtuins. What are they? Sirtuins are a family of proteins found in organisms ranging from bacteria and plants to humans.

You may have heard of studies that show animals on calorie-restricted diets live longer, are healthier and show fewer signs of age than those fed normal diets. Though we don't fully understand why, it appears that sirtuins are the key. A growing body of research shows that sirtuins may slow the pace of aging by delaying cell death and protecting cells from DNA damage.  

It's unknown whether calorie-restricted diets have the same effects on humans as on fruit flies and monkeys, but it may turn out not to matter-we're learning that you don't need to starve yourself to put sirtuins into action.

A research company called Sirtris demonstrated that resveratrol, an antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes, stimulated expression of sirtuins. Mice placed on high doses of resveratrol improved insulin resistance, prevented weight gain and increased lifespan by 20 percent. When put on a treadmill, the mice were also able to run twice as far and twice as fast than those not given resveratrol

Sources of resveratrol: grapeseed and red wines.
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