Friday, July 10, 2015

How to Look Young Again

Being Hungry Makes You Healthy: 

One Meal a Day and You'll Look 20 Years Younger

Do you think eating 3 meals a day can help you stay healthy? Now a Japanese doctor has a new discovery of what is the best way of eating. When I read Dr Yoshinori Nagumo’s story and his book, I was having a click: yes!

Famous Japanese Dr Yoshinori Nagumo.  Who is specialist surgeon in breast cancer, is 57 years old but looks 30.

What is his secret? Eat only one meal a day.

Dr Nagumo, through research and study, discovered human health issues often relate to over-eating.
Many tens of thousands years ago, humans often had to survive with little or no food. The body has the ability to a use small amount of food efficiently; to absorb nutrients, provide fuel and create fat for stored energy.

Over the last 100 years much more food has become available. Most people over-eat and many diseases have their root in this.

How much food is the right amount? That which leaves you feeling light, energetic, and comfortable. If, after eating a meal, you feel sleepy and tired then you are most likely eating more than your body needs and the food has become toxic.

One meal a day means having the main meal at lunch time. Dr Yoshinori Nagumo has been practising for last 12 years and transformed his health. In recent years he has written a few best-selling books about this subject.

Title of this book: Eat only one meal a day. Being Hungry Makes You Healthy.

If you like know more here is the author's homepage and blog

Maybe you’re thinking: what happens to my body if I get hungry? During the fasting state the body can activate the vitality of the cells and genes. It will start running a scan in through its 50 trillion cells and repair damaged body parts or damaged genes. This process will consistently renew the body and cultivate longevity rejuvenation.

One meal a day implies having main meal at lunch time, when the digestion is at its strongest. If you feel hunger you can add fruit, snacks, etc., so it should not be too difficult to implement.
The benefit of one meal a day:

    Activates cells to repair damaged body parts
    Easier to develop lean body mass and maintain appropriate body weight
    Activates vitality of genes to reverse aging and help skin progressively grow younger

After a few days in this program you will began an inner health transformation:
Body odour disappears, the skin becomes smoother, a thinner physique emerges, the abdomen firms up, and the mind begins rejuvenating!
You need 52 consecutive days to finish your first course: the cells of the body fully restored, a new look from the inside out! You will have true experience of anti-aging! You will feel better and younger than you actually are, your body only needs the right food in one meal a day. Don’t waste money, food and energy to poison yourself.
I truly believe Dr Nagumo’s teaching. I have already put into to my daily life practise and I feel better. (Click here to see my one meal a day food menus) I will design more eating programs and food plans to share with people who are interested in joining this new idea of eating. There will be more information on this in the next newsletter.

Source: Chinerchi Therapy
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