Saturday, July 25, 2015

funny jokes about plane crash

A plane was about to crash and 3 women were planning how they would be rescued after the crash.

The jewish woman put on her expensive diamonds...''the rescuers will see the sparkle and rescue me first'' she reasoned.

The French woman started applying her make-up..''well, I hope they see all the colour combination and they get to rescue me first''.

The Nigeria woman stripped Unclad just a few seconds to the crash. ''Why did u do that?'' the other ladies asked her.
''Well, everybody knows that the first thing they look for after a plane crash is...the black box!''


There was a plane going overseas. The pilot realized after they had taken off that the plane was carrying too much weight. If they didn't lighten the load they were going to crash.

So they dumped the freight.

The plane was still too heavy. Then they dumped the luggage. Still too heavy! So the pilot announced to the passengers what was going on, and asked for about 15 volunteers to jump off the plane with a parachute. The navy had been alerted, so they would have ships waiting for them below. And they would get a pass to fly free on this airline for the rest of their lives.

No one budged.

The pilot asked again, still no one moved.

So the pilot says: "OK, we're going to do pick people to jump, but fairly.

We'll go by alphabet, race by race: Please All African Americans step to the front of the plane now!"

No one moved.

He then says: "All Blacks, step to the front, please."

No one still moved.

"All Coloreds step to the front, please."

Still no one moved.

At this point a little boy asked his father: "Dad, aren't we African American or Black or Colored?"

The father says: "No, son, today we're Negroes. And if someone doesn't hurry up and step up to the front, we're gonna be Zulu!"


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