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Tighten loose vagina vagina prolapse naturally

 How to Tighten Vagina Naturally 

Common factors that may cause a vaginal prolapse includes:    

Childbirth especially multiple births

- Menopause: Estrogen is a hormone that helps keep the muscles and tissues of the pelvic support structure strong. After menopause, the estrogen level decreases, meaning that the support structures may weaken.
- Hysterectomy: A hysterectomy involves removing the uterus. Without the uterus, the top of the vagina may gradually fall toward the vaginal opening, so-called a vaginal vault prolapse.

Natural Vaginal tightening 

  • Kegel exercises
  • Herbs that strengthening and tightening muscles at genital area especially vaginal wall muscles
    • Curcuma comosa herb in tightening formula
    • for very severe prolapse, 3rd degree vaginal prolapse or higher
     Curcuma comosa vagina tightening formula + Pueraria mirifica high phytoestogen formula

Venus, Curcuma comosa in vaginal tightening formula is formulated by Thai herbalist medicine. Venus  can help tighten muscles especially at genital area (to be specific - vaginal wall muscles). Venus tightens vagina prolapse and also bladder prolapse effectively which the results can be noticed within 1 or 2 bottles only.
Regina, Pueraria mirifica herb with high isoflavonone formula. Pueraria mirifica herb contains high isoflavone e.g. genistein, daidzein, daidzin, genistin andc Coumestrol that are usually found in soybeans. Isoflavones in Pueraria mirifica act as phytoestrogens in mammals. The estrogenic activity of Pueraria mirifica is much more potent than that of soy isoflavones.   

Taking Regina can increase high level of natural estrogen.
Venus curcuma vagina tighetning pills works in a synergy with Regina pueraria high phytogenic pills to strenghten, tone and lift up the muscles in genital area effectively within a short period of time.  
With more than 90% positive feedback
and customers told us that they do not require vaginal prolapse surgery any more.

Vagina tightening reviews from our customers 

This is my second order and would like to know if you can ship as soon as possible. Very satisfied with your product, tried another brand even have an additional bottle left, however their product does not measure up to yours. I saw results in as little as a week - especially in my face.
Thank you,
(We hided her address and family name for her privacy)
United States

P.S. what are your ingredients as my Gyno would like to know.


Hi, my name is Colette (my nick name is Coco) and I just wanted to thank you so much for your herbs. I ordered the Curcuma comosa and the Pueranria mirifica. Both, I've had positive results with in a short amount of time!
I was a single mom of 6 children and theyre all grown now however I started dating after my last child graduated and have met a wonderful man and we are engaged to get married on Valentines Day next year. I was very concerned about how loose I was after having so many children and on my feet so much.
I started the Curcuma comosa and went through two jars and have just reordered more. I really felt a difference however it was proved when my mom recently moved in with me and again, I've been on my feet alot because she's ill. I so much noticed that I don't feel the pressure down there like before...already!! And I'm very grateful!
Coco, U.S.A.


hello, i am a customer of yours for the curcuma comosa pills. when i first bought the bottle i could feel the pills working. i honestly felt my walls contracting. and when i had intercourse with my husband he came 3 times! so it was well worth buying and it worked.
Rosie, U.S.A.


I also do kegels, but what I have noticed with your Curcuma comosa is changes that I can feel and see.  On the outside, my whole pubic area looks tighened, smaller and neater.  Also, around my vagina opening it is closed and you cannot see the bladder prolapse.  As far as what I feel, when I press around my vagina opening, it feels like the vagina muscle is tighter, because that area is firmer and feels stronger.  If I push down hard, THEN I will see my bladder come down to the opening.  If I don't push down, it just looks very neat, tighter and smaller.
Before I started taking the Curcumacomosa, I looked large down there, big mound and all.  Also, before I started taking the Curcuma comosa, when I opened my legs and looked down I could see my vagina opening, and also my bladder at the vagina opening.  It does not look like that now, because of the Curcuma comosa, :-)

Sheryl, U.S.A.

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