Thursday, June 4, 2015

Swiss Jokes

What is so good about being Swiss?

Well, the flag is a Big plus.

A Mafia Don walks into a Swiss bank. He is accompanied by several henchmen who whip out machine-guns.

The Don says, "Do as I say and nobody gets hurt! Bring me the manager."

The manager comes out and the Don says, "Members of my organisation have been swindling me out of money and depositing it in this bank. Give me their names and I'll let you live."

The manager replies, "We Swiss bankers never give out the names of our customers."

The Don shouts, "This is your last warning! Give me the names or we kill you and everyone in this building!"

But the manager says, "We Swiss bankers would rather die than betray the trust of our clients."

So the Don nods to his henchmen and they put their machine-guns away. Then he starts pulling thick wads of hundred-dollar bills from his pockets and says,
"I would like to open an account here, please."  

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